What Size Dumpster Is Needed When Replacing Your Roof?

Whether you have decided to take on the arduous task of a roof replacement yourself or you will go the more recommended route of hiring a professional, getting rid of your old roof is a consideration to be made beforehand.

Typically, a roof replacement service will take care of it as part of the roofing replacement job, but in case you have to do it, or you are responsible for it, you need to know what size dumpster to bring in.

Use these pointers to figure out how much waste volume you can expect when the old roof comes off.

How Big Is The Roof?

Naturally, the first consideration to make when figuring out how large of a dumpster you need to dispose of your old roof when a roof replacement is being done is how large your roof actually is.

More precisely, you want to figure out how many squares of shingles were used on it.

You can do that either by checking your old receipt if you still have it to see what you were billed for when your roofing service put it on, or by finding how many shingles are in a square bundle of your material and then estimating based on the size of your roof and all its angles.

A square of shingles is how many are required to cover an area of 100 square feet on your roof.

Once you know how many squares of shingles you have to dispose of, estimate the weight of one square, since different shingles have different weights, and then come up with a total weight.

How Many Layers of Shingles Are There?

After determining the final number of squares of shingles you need to dispose of prior to your roofing replacement, look on the edge of the roof to see how many layers are there.

Typically, there should only be one, but if the top roof was applied onto an existing roof, you have to know how many layers are stacked there.

Multiply your total square footage and weight by the number of layers being removed.

What Other Materials Are There?

When calculating how much square footage of old roofing materials you need to haul off and how much it will all weigh, don’t forget the other materials you may have to remove.

If your roof replacement will include adding new decking, soffit or fascia, or gutters, all of that needs to be taken into consideration for calculating the size of the dumpster you will need.

What Are the Dumpster Sizes And Weight Limits?

Lastly, you will need to call a few rollback dumpster companies to find out the sizes they have available so your dumpster can be delivered in time to start work on your new roofing replacement.

Inform them of how much waste you estimate having plus your weight estimation as well and choose a unit that’s slightly more than your expectations.

In a worst-case scenario, it will be a little larger than your roofing needs, but at least it won’t end up being too small to handle the job.

Get The Right Size Dumpster for Easy Disposal of Roofing Materials

When you need a roof replacement, expect a big mess when the old roof is coming off, and a lot of debris that has to be disposed of.

Like all other parts of the roofing replacement process, you’ll need to do some planning to ensure you order the right size dumpster that can handle all of your waste volume and weight.

If it’s not something your roofer is taking care of and you need to arrange it yourself, ordering the right size will mean less cost for you in the long run.